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hardwood floor sanding seattle wa

Homeowners who haven’t experienced the beauty of wood floors are quickly horrified to find scratches, scuffs, and other blemishes form after installation. Despite remaining a durable flooring option, the soft surface layer can easily mark.

However, Seattle hardwood floor refinishing a simple way to prolong your floor’s usable life. By sanding away the uppermost layer and installing a new topcoat, you can make your wood panels look like new again.

For the trusted choice in convenient and affordable resurfacing solutions, you can always rely on Hardwood Floor Refinishing Seattle. We guarantee you’ll love the results each time you choose us for your home.

Call today for your free refinishing quote to see how much you can save on better quality service. Give your floors the treatment it deserves and hire us for your hardwood floor refinishing needs.

Seattle Floor Refinishing

Much like the installation process, refinishing your wood floors takes many steps to complete. However, it’s well worth the trouble once you see how great they look in the end.
The floor gets buffed and sanded to wear away the first layer, which usually requires service after as few as a couple of years, at least in the most walked-in areas of your home. Once sanded off, we apply a surface of wood filler to act as a crown, as well as help us more accurately match the final stain.

From there, we repair any minor damages or blemishes that we find, like nail pops. Once the filler completely dries, it needs lots more sanding to get the right texture, and then we stain it to match. Choosing us means never needing to worry about wasting hours sweeping up behind us when we leave. When you need convenient service and affordable refinishing, we are here for you.

hardwood floor refinishing seattle

Why Floor Refinishing?

We understand that a top concern for many homeowners is the cost of refinishing their floors. Some may wonder if they wouldn’t be better off just replacing their flooring instead.

However, the typical wood floor that requires refinishing is often in relatively perfect condition. You wouldn’t want to replace your flooring unless there was a significant problem such as water damage.

Refinishing is a straightforward process, and it far faster than tearing up your old panels and swapping them with new ones. And because all wood floors develop some scratching eventually, you would be replacing floors every couple of years.

Another way to save on floor maintenance costs is hiring the team more Seattle WA residents rely on above all others. Call now and save more on all your wood floor service needs.

Can I Repair It Myself?

Today’s homeowners are much more interested in Do It Yourself projects than always hiring it out to a professional. They may see someone on TV or in a magazine completing their wood floors themselves and find the inspiration to consider doing it.
With a few minor exceptions, the majority of wood floor repairs should get left to the experts. Even straightforward jobs require a ton of patience, skill, and tools, and not everyone has these readily available.
Even if you’ve built items out of wood yourself, most flooring repairs take specialized cuts that require an experienced hand to pull off. One wrong move can make a ton of work, as well as damage more flooring panels.
The hardest part of any job is matching it to the existing floor, which is difficult even for experienced contractors. Make sure that you are giving your hardwood floors the best treatment possible and choose us for your flooring needs.

Hire Us

You no longer need to choose between value and quality when you need hardwood refinishing services. When you hire us, we guarantee professional quality results at the lowest pricing possible every day.

Contact us now when you need to save on wood floors that look like new again. Request your service free estimate today for the best in wood floor options.